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Would you like to work independently in Switzerland and start your own business?

The step from a secure job to self-employment is financially risky and involves some formalities. Nevertheless, it is worth it if you can make your dream of self-employment come true. 

Working independently means:

  • You work in your own name on your own account
  • You are independent of an employer
  • You bear your own economic risk

Your future business will be, for example:  You are self-employed in a liberal profession, e.g. as:
  • a trading company
  • a manufacturing company
  • a service provider
  • any other trade

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Trustee
  • Architect

How do you need to go about working independently and starting your own business?

If you have any questions about the exact formalities of the permit (where exactly to apply, which form, how long does it take, etc.), please contact the competent authority at the Canton of St.Gallen.


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