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Different procedures apply to refugees, temporarily admitted persons and persons with protection status S.

Your first point of contact is always the social welfare office of the municipality of residence.

The social welfare office of the municipality in which you live is responsible for you.

There you will receive information about your stay and integration.

Information about living in Switzerland

  • extra content for persons in the asylum procedure or with protection status S
  • available in 18 languages 
  • many topics are explained in videos
  • with read-aloud function 
  • Link: https://integration-info.ch/

Mobile app "SUI SRC": Support for refugees in Switzerland

Information on many everyday topics such as asylum procedures, residence status, family reunification, work and education, finding accommodation, finances, living together, health care system

If desired, contact can be made with an accompanying person, who can provide written assistance in the appropriate language (currently only in Arabic) on the use of the app, the content and specific local contact points and offers.

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