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Would you like to have a say in Switzerland? Would you like to play an active role in society? In many forms, this is also possible without a Swiss passport. You will receive full political rights upon naturalization.

Co-determination and active shaping

In the Canton of St.Gallen, foreigners are not allowed to vote or elect a person.

But you have the right to submit petitions to the authorities. Petitions may contain suggestions, complaints, or requests. In addition, it is possible to participate in commissions and working groups of the municipality of residence. 

In addition to political participation, you can actively shape life in your environment by working in an association or other organization. Get involved where your interests lie!

Here are some examples of where you can get involved:


Naturalisation is the last step on the way to integration into life in Switzerland. If you are naturalized, you can vote and be elected.

Switzerland recognises dual citizenship. If you apply for Swiss citizenship, you do not lose your previous citizenship, unless your country of origin does not allow dual citizenship.


Naturalization procedure

There is the ordinary naturalization procedure and the facilitated naturalization procedure. The latter is mainly intended for people who have Swiss family members.

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