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Do you need an interpreter for an important conversation? Or do you want someone to help you fill out a form or write a document?

It may happen that your German knowledge is not enough to understand everything in an important conversation. Then someone should be there to interpret the conversation.

Whether at a doctor's appointment, in the hospital or at a parent-teacher meeting at school: it is important that you understand everything. For very simple conversations, you may be accompanied by someone from the family or a friend who speaks well German.

For important conversations , it is advisable to have an intercultural interpreter at your side.

Intercultural interpreting

Before an important interview, you can ask whether an intercultural interpreter can be arranged for you to support you. This professional will accompany you, interpret the conversation and help you understand the content.

Interpreting is possible: 

  • on site
  • over the phone
  • via video

If you need someone to interpret in a conversation, you must first clarify who will bear the costs. In many hospitals, schools and social institutions, the services are free of charge.

If the costs are not covered, you will have to pay for the interpretation yourself.

Do you need help with writing?

In some places there is a writing service or a counseling center. They will help you with language problems or questions about understanding. The experts will explain letters or forms to you so that you can understand them. They will help you fill it out and also assist you in writing letters in German.

Such a service is provided, for example:

For further contacts, please contact your responsible Regional Integration Office .

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