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Are you moving to the Canton of St.Gallen for the first time or are you changing your place of residence within the canton?

There are many things to think about when moving.

The checklist is designed to help you take into account all the important steps in the planning.

A move is time-consuming and costs time and money. Therefore, start your preparations early. 

In order for you to be able to plan all administrative procedures, here is a list of the most important tasks: 

Before the move

  • Deregister from your old municipality of residence – ask the Einwohneramt if you need to come by in person. 
  • If you own a dog , you must also deregister it from the old municipality of residence.  
  • If you are new to the Canton of St.Gallen, please contact the Strassenverkehrsamt about changing the license plate on your vehicle. 
  • If you are moving within the Canton of St.Gallen, please notify the Strassenverkehrsamt  of your new residential address. To do this, you must send in the original vehicle registration document for adjustment 
  • Contact the school management if your children are of school age. 
  • Remember to inform your electricity, gas and water supplier so that the meter reading is checked. 
  • Inform your telephone provider about the move (adjusting the fixed-line, Internet and digital TV connection). 
  • Inform your contractual partners about the new address: bank, employer, compensation office, doctor's office, dental practice, health insurance company, insurance company, newspaper publisher, etc. 
  • Please contact the post office so that your mail can be forwarded to the new address. 

On the day of the move

  • When handing over the apartment, you fill out a return protocol together with the landlord. 
  • Return all keys.
  • Fill out an entry protocol with the landlord of the new apartment. 

After the move

  • Register at the Einwohneramt of your new municipality of residence within the deadline (usually within 14 days).
  • The new municipality of residence then informs the Steueramt .
  • If you own a dog, you must register it with the Einwohneramt in the new municipality of residence.

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